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Cadillac Ranch


Cadillac Ranch was created by the art/architecture collective Ant Farm in 1974 as a commission for the wealthy Texas helium magnate and art collector Stanley Marsh 3. It was installed on March's ranch right next to Interstate 40, which had replaced U.S. Route 66 as the main highway across the Texas Panhandle. 

. We were driving cross country to start graduate studies at UCSD when we visited Marsh's ranch to see Robert Smithson's earthwork Amarillo Ramp. Marsh took us to see the recently completed Ant Farm work (subtitled "the history of the tail fin"). It soon became one of the best known roadside installations in the U.S. 

A unique book I made from the series is part of Ant Fram's archive. The series was recently included in an exhibition, "The Architecture of Speed," at the Arsenale Institute in Venice.

All photographs on this site unless otherwise noted are by Blaise Tobia and are © Blaise Tobia

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