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Over a fifty-year career as a photographer I have recorded more than a hundred thousand images. Only a very small fraction of these have been used in my various

"structured" works made for exhibitions or books. There are many more I would like to make accessible and I've found the photo-sharing site Flickr to be a useful tool for this

purpose. These entries link directly to Flickr albums and album groupings (collections).
Note that links will open to
a new page or tab.

NYC CETA CCF Artists Project 1978-79

Some of these photographs are included in my "Structured Documentaries" page but the two Flickr albums contain many more. One is dedicated to project artists in their studios; the other is dedicated to project exhibitions, events and support personnel.

FLICKR: CCF Artists Project

NYC Village Halloween Parade 1979-present

Cultural manifestations such as parades and festivals are living expressions of material culture. I first photographed the Village Halloween Parade in 1979 as part of my CETA project documentation and have returned to it numerous times.

FLICKR: Village Halloween Parade

All photographs on this site unless otherwise noted are by Blaise Tobia and are © Blaise Tobia

Mardi Gras NOLA 2000

The New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration may be the grandest regularly occurring cultural manifestation in the United States. It takes over the entire city for several weeks, virtually shutting down regular business. It incorporates elements of the major cultural traditions of New Orleans: French, African, Native American and Sicilian.

FLICKR: Mardis Gras

Trainor Arts 2019

Photos made during a residency at Trainor Arts in Surry, Maine. We had exclusive use of a small house and studio on an isolated wild blueberry farm. The buildings were both rustic and state-of-the-art and the surrounding land featured stone cairns and formations.

FLICKR: Trainor Arts

Italian Street Art 2010-present

Street art in Italy is some of the most creative in the world. This work is done mostly by stencil and applique (although sometimes by direct painting) and is political, insightful, humorous. It is very different than the graffiti (spray paint tags gone wild) that covers walls all over Italian cities. These photos are mostly from Rome, Milan and Palermo. 

FLICKR: Italian Street Art

Argentina 2019

These sets of photos are from Buenos Aires (which is definitely the NYC of South America) and from the Andes foothills area around San Juan, where we went to witness a total solar eclipse.

FLICKR: Argentina 2019

Italy 2018

This Italy trip (our fifteenth in 30 years) included a part of Sicily that was new to us (the area around Ragusa. which figures large in "Montalbano" tourism) as well as Rome, Milan, Trieste (for the first time) and an amazing build-it-yourself amusement park in the Veneto.

FLICKR: Italy 2018

Ireland/Isle of Man/England 2017

This trip began in the Dublin area, with a side trip to Belfast, and then shifted to the Isle of Man (our first visit there, spurred by its unexpected connection to Sicily via the Normans) and finally to Liverpool and London.

FLICKR: Ireland/Man/England 2017

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