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Recent Activities

Facciate: Architectural Overlays in Italy
photos by James B. Abbott and Blaise Tobia

This was an extensive two-person show in the upstairs gallery at Cherry Street Pier, in conjunction with the Photo 20/20 (2022) Festival and with Design Philadelphia. It was on display during Septemeber and October, 2023. For more information on the show, see Facciate.


New Sicilian Topographics

Taking its title from the seminal 1975 exhibition at George Eastman House "New Topographics: Photographs of a Man-Altered landscape," this exhibition included work by two Sicily-based photographers (Massimo Cristaldi and Sandro Scalia) as well as myself. On view in September 2021, it was part of the Photo 20/20 festival in Philadelphia. For more on the show see Topographics.

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