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Slight Perturbations
of the Surface

Slight Perturbations of the Surface is my second paired-image series. The individual images tend towards minimal depth illusion and were selected from my extensive documentation of global material culture. Each pair has a unique logic based on elements of subject matter, semiotics, composition, pattern, texture. It is my intention that the pairings make more apparent the motivations for the individual images while creating a third "image" with its own distinct character.

I first developed the series during a 2007 residency at the Vermont Studio Center and it went through several variations before I exhibited the definitive version at O.K. Harris Works of Art in 2013. The double images are printed at 18x14 inches on 22x17 sheets.

The catalog for the O.K. Harris exhibition of Slight Perurbations is available for purchase. Please go to the Book Works tab.

Click in any photo for a larger version of the series with titles.

All photographs on this site unless otherwise noted are by Blaise Tobia and are © Blaise Tobia

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